About us

This is how founder Jan H. Mattson decribes what Value does:

“The driving force is to create a more human existance by inspiring to  seek your most profound values and transform them into practical use. We provide a number of tools for re-creating a value-driven organisational culture, where co-workers feeling of meaningfulness in their work gives energy to drive the organisation further in development.”

Based in Lund, Sweden, Value is a company working to develop organisations, teams and individuals.

All Values’ processes are quality assured and based on research.

The consultants and facilitators trained by Values work according to a Code of Conduct.

Value has a dynamic perspective of values – values change and develop over time.

Individuals are always a subject, never an object! With Value you are not defined as a colour, animal, letter or something else.

Depending on the needs of the customer, we design a process that can include for example leadership training, scenario planning, strategic development and values work.