Value Constellations - a workshop with Ty Francis


There is an increasing amount of literature investigating the theory and role of organisational and personal values in our working life, but there is still nothing written about how we use values as a central focus for our work. In this innovative workshop series starting with “Constellations and Values” in October, we invite you to explore how to use the value methodology in combination with other related approaches.

What is a Constellation?

A Constellation is a spatial, relational model, a living map, a physical representation that externalises and illuminates the individual’s inner, often unconscious, image of a relationship. In the facilitated process the participants take the role of being representatives of a certain relational map. In coaching one-to-one, physical objects are used allowing the coach and client to “move around” and look at underlying hidden structures of a relational system. By acknowledging the truth of “what is”, something shifts to allow for change in individuals and the system.

Content and format

The Constellation methodology is great for helping the individual to work out their own values, priorities and behaviour in a way that enables them to connect in a better manner with their core values. Workshop leader Ty Francis was one of the first Organisational Constellators in the UK and he has supervised senior practitioners in the UK, Europe and the US for over 15 years. On Day 1 he will offer training in the basic skills and stance of Constellations and on Day 2 we will experiment with Constellations and Values.

Participation and price

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Price: 670 € for certified facilitators
Price: 915 € for non-facilitators. This price for non-facilitators includes a values ranking and two sessions of individual facilitation before the workshop.
The workshop starts Thursday 4 Oct at 09.00 and ends Friday 5 Oct at 16.00.

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