Online training is offered continouosly.

The facilitator training has three parts:
The theories behind the process, current research and experience.
Throughout the course the participants will have the opportunity to use and practise the tool in different situations.
Between the seminars the praticipants vill have the opportunity to use the tool themselves.

A trained and certified facilitator work with values and value perspectives on organisational-, group- and individual level.

  • The training spans over 3–6 occasions (including being facilitated before the course begins) depending on whether it is formed as an open course, a in-house company training or an online training.
  • The duration of the Values Basic Training for facilitators is at least 20 hours over a minimum of 3 occasions.
  • The price of the training including the own facilitation of the participant before the course is SEK 19.700 or € 2.075 + VAT.
  • We offer different options:
    –online course in English or Swedish
    –training on location in Lund or Stockholm.
    – in-house company training
  • If you are interested to become a certified Value Online facilitator, please email, or call +46 (0)768- 56 46 22.