Are you a consultant, leader or teamworker looking for to improve your ability to facilitate working with values? Then we have the training for you!

With our training you will get the right tools and knowledge to both lead and contribute to insights about people’s own values and their driving forces on organisational- group- and individual levels. As certified you will gain access to our digital tool via and you will be part of a network of international facilitators and profit from the experiences that are exchanged through newsletters, workshops, online forums and user conferences.
The facilitator training has three parts:
The theories behind the process, current research, publications and experiences.
The participants use the Value Online tool throughout the course in different situations.
During the course the participants are encouraged to use the tool in their own organisation and present how they plan to apply the tool and methodology.
Online Training
The Online Training is a basic level training to become faciliatator. The duration of the course is approximately 25 hours for both the webinars and the exercises (this excludes your own individual facilitation before the course if you haven’t done that). The 25 hours are distributed over 6 webinars, 5 webmeetings together with fellow course participants and 3 separate faciliator exercises with test clients. The training is with few exceptions offered in English and has participants from different countries in groups of 3 people.

Master trainer: Kristina Arheden

Training 2 days in Stockholm: 28/1 och 11/3 2019

The training to become facilitator consists of a initial facilitation of your own personal values before the training starts and 2 full days interspersed with your own practice in facilitating 2-3 other people of your own choice. Master trainers: Louise Lind and Agneta Lundgren

The price of the training is SEK 19.700 or € 2.075 + VAT for both online and on location. It includes individual facilitation of the participant before the course if needed.
Signing up

For questions and signing up for the training, please contact us at Regarding the training in Stockholm, send an email to Louise Lind at You can also call + 46 (0) 768 – 56 46 22.