Online training is offered continouosly.

The facilitator training has three parts:
The theories behind the process, current research and experience.
Throughout the course the participants have the opportunity to use and practise the tool in different situations.
In-between the seminars the praticipants have the opportunity to use the tool themselves.

A trained and certified facilitator work with values and value perspectives on organisational-, group- and individual level.

  • The training spans over 3–6 occasions (including being facilitated before the course begins) depending on whether it is formed as an open course, an in-house company training or an online training.
  • The duration of the Values Basic Training for facilitators is at least 20 hours over a minimum of 3 occasions.
  • The price of the training is SEK 19.700 or € 2.075 + VAT. It includes facilitation of the participant before the course.
  • We offer different options:
    –online course in English or Swedish
    –training on location in Lund or Stockholm.
    – in-house company training
  • If you are interested to become a certified Value Online facilitator, please email, or call +46 (0)768- 56 46 22.