World Values Initiative

Value for students

The Student Association World Values Initiative in Lund uses since 2013 Value Online in their work with students. The cooperation with Value is ongoing and includes every year more than 1000 students.



“World Values Initiative Lund was started in Spring 2013 by engineer students who felt a longing for learning more about selfleadership, motivation and personal values and who decided to do something about it.

Through the cooperation with Value, we in the association have among others things, such as with the facilitator trainings, learnt the philosophy around personal values and how storytelling can be used to clarify these to yourself and others.

We have used the Value Online-tool both internally in the association and in many external events and other contexts where students had the opportunity to work with selfknowledge to increase their study motivation, development of selfleadership and to get a better knowledge of how peer pressure can be dealt with.

Currently we experience that the philisophy and theories around personal values that Value stands for, is the most clear approach to be used to be able to define your “Why”, and from that direct your efforts for a better decision making in life.”