Value Online is our own tool - and based upon research and theories of values and consciousness development by Kegan, Hall and Schwartz among others.

Do you want to work with Value Online and be involved in finding organisations┬┤ and peoples┬┤ driving forces and motivation?
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Value Online is an interactive cloud based tool.

Value Online is a ranking you do on the web – it is not a test or an analysis. You rank what is important for you and this generates an overview map over which values are the most important right now.

We never prioritiese one value at a time! Studies show that a group af values direct our priorities and our behavior. Value Online makes this visible.

Value Online works with a well-proven storytelling technology, considering the stories about values and defines driving forces and priorities.

Value Online is currently avaliable in 11 languages and is particularly useful in international and multilingual organisations.

A trained and certified Value Online facilitator leads the process.