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What is Value.Online?

Value.Online is a unique tool for trained facilitators to support individuals, teams and organisations reach value congruence, which will boost motivation, increase workplace atmosphere and achieve improved results.

Point of Value offers facilitator training, an interactive platform for exchange and co-creation, and a chance to participate in the development of this unique process, as well as an opportunity for you to try the Value.Online tool with Value.Try.

What we offer

Facilitator Training

Learn about our basic step-by-step process for deeper insight and growth.

Facilitator Training

Reach value congruence by prioritizing team values and defining working principles.

Facilitator Training

A co-creative process to establish core values with an outside-in approach.


A regular event for exploring thoughts and ideas to co-create new processes, products, tools and applications.


Value.Interact provides space for creative thinking, exploring of ideas and networking, so don’t hesitate to take part in one of our channels.


Try our Value.Try online ranking tool for a simpler and shorter introduction to the process.

What sets us apart

A unique, hands-on approach to personal and organisational value work
with measurable results.

  • Using Storytelling and Conversation we help you explore and deepen your connection with your own and others’ values.

  • Our Facilitated Approach is practical and well-proven to enhance Value Congruence – within individuals and between individuals and teams/organisations.


  • We distinguish between Personal Values and Normative Values.

  • We have developed a unique Interactive Values Ranking System that enables you to prioritise what is really important in your life.

  • A challenging outside-in approach creating organisational values that matters.




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Which path is best for you?

There are many ways to start your value journey. Professionals might be looking to become facilitators, individuals could start with a test ranking, organisations could require custom solutions.

We are here to help and guide you on your way through discovering your personal values and the values of your team and organisation, and we’d love hearing from you.

Value stories from around the globe

Read about and get inspired by people from areas like team building, leadership coaching, education, HR, recruitment, etc.

For individuals


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For teams

Kick-start for new teams & projects

Give the new team the right conditions to win.

The value-driven board

Give your board the right conditions to lead a value-driven organization.

Know your team's values

Before values alignment between the individual and the organization can happen, it's essential to develop a culture of trust and communication.

For organizations


Get help placing people with values that align to your needs.

Organizational values & culture

Deliberately create a culture that supports the purpose, strategies and goals of the business.

Cultural Due Diligence

Consciously create a new organizational culture at times of big change.

Know your organization's values

Help people harmonize their values and actions to the organization's purpose.