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Defining organisational values that matter

The approach involves input from a set of key external and internal stakeholders. By interviews and storytelling, their input informs a set of guiding values/principles for the organisation to live into.

Their external perspective establishes a standard set of behaviours to work and live by in all interactions, to be proud of and held to account for.

This process of co-creation can also galvanise stakeholders and teams. All included, all voices heard and with transparency around behavioral accountability.

Who is Value.Org for?

  • OD consultants
  • Managers
  • Team coaches
  • HR staff

    Approach overview

  • Through a short 10-minute individual interview process, keywords representing “working principles” is canvased from pre-selected internal and external stakeholders.
  • These words are loaded into our Value.Online value ranking system before the management members in question rank the words in order of importance.
  • Once the ranking is complete, the system will create a top list, in order of collective popularity. The management in question will then collectively negotiate, in a facilitated workshop, their top 4–5 priority value words to live by in serving their customers.

Feedback to the broader organisation can follow to close the loop.


There is a follow-up opportunity for the wider organisation to overlay their personal meaning into the agreed value words using Value.Team. This is where motivation and performance lie.

Another possible outcome of this process is a review of the company’s self-image. Are we being and acting in the way we claim that we are? Or is there a gap that enables us to develop our corporate culture in the desired direction?

What's next?

Attend our Value.Lab

Value.Lab is a monthly forum for co-creation of new processes, products, tools and applications.

Participate in the community

The Point of Value community is where it’s happening – the conversations, the progress and the evolution of Value.Online

Participate in the community

We can help everyone get in touch with their values. So whether you’re an individual looking to better understand yourself, or you work with a team or an organization, it all starts with our Value Basic Process.

Want to become
a facilitator?

Team culture is the expected behaviors and priorities that the team stands for and promotes. Teams are key building blocks in achieving value harmony between the individual and the organization.

In a team where the individual feels comfortable and aligned, they have the opportunity to practice their values. This creates meaning and inner motivation. But when team values fall out of alignment, everything suffers. People hate their work, staff retention suffers, and team productivity plummets.

About organizational values

Organizations, big and small, are made of smaller teams with their own sets of values. But the values of the wider organization plays a crucial role in aligning these teams together to produce a harmonious whole.

In a value-driven organizational culture, transition and changes are natural since everyone knows what to do and why. When people can identify with the organization’s purpose and culture, their motivation contributes to higher commitment and productivity.

When organizations are not aligned, it can often result in a culture where teams feel like they compete adversarially. And it makes it harder to get anything meaningful done outside of your team or department.

[An anecdote about the team and personal values mismatch TK]