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Achieve group harmony and motivation

Team culture comprises the expected behaviors and priorities that a team stands for and promotes. Teams are essential building blocks in achieving value congruence between the individual and the organisation.
When individuals feel comfortable and aligned within a team, they have the opportunity to practice their values. This creates meaning, inner motivation, and employee satisfaction, ultimately leading to a thriving workplace. However, when team values fall out of alignment, everyone suffers. Employees may dislike their work, staff retention can suffer, and team productivity can plummet.

Who is it for?

  • OD consultants
  • Managers
  • Team coaches
  • HR staff
  • etc.

One day to value congruence for teams

How does it work?

We have a well-proven workshop process for working with teams and organizations, but every workshop is unique, so we look at the needs and circumstances of each organization and can customize the process as needed.

What happens before the workshop?

  • We meet with the participants to present the process and answer questions. This takes about 30 minutes.
  • Participants rank their personal values using our Value.Online system. We do this about a week before your workshop.

How does the workshop day work?

  • In groups of three, we develop mapping and insight into personal values.
  • Individuals present on how they prefer to work in groups and what relationships and roles they’re comfortable with.
  • We rank the group’s shared priorities and behaviors based on the group’s assignments and goals. We then discuss and decide on 3–5 values that should be guiding the team’s actions.
  • We discuss and strategize how they should be implemented and followed up in everyday actions.

What is the follow-up?

A few months after the workshop, we have 2–3 hours with the team and make a new ranking of the common values. This lets us coach and offer tips and suggestions to work more effectively and address any issues.


Teams often make a mistake from the beginning. They create rules for the group before knowing each other’s values or clearly articulating what these rules mean. We reverse that process.

A prerequisite for the team to successfully agree on norms that everyone commits to and promotes for new employees and customers is to start with the group as individuals. Only when each individual has insight into and can convey their personal values and motivations to the group can the journey towards congruence begin.

The concept of value congruence means that the values of the employees and the organization are consistent in a group and organizational context. Value congruence is the prerequisite for creating a collaborative culture in the workplace or in the association and is the key to increased motivation, a better work environment, and an efficient business.

Hello, Ola Olsson

Managing Director at Primozone AB

Ola Primozone

“…It is the team that meets the customer and is crucial to the customer encounter, so we need teams that understand each other and can communicate… Something happened in the process, we discovered our own and our colleagues’ motivations and there was time to think. It was sometimes emotional and many were unused to talking about themselves, but we got closer in a very short time. We became more insightful and concrete in our working relationships and in how we talk to each other.”

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Team culture is the expected behaviors and priorities that the team stands for and promotes. Teams are key building blocks in achieving value harmony between the individual and the organization.

In a team where the individual feels comfortable and aligned, they have the opportunity to practice their values. This creates meaning and inner motivation. But when team values fall out of alignment, everything suffers. People hate their work, staff retention suffers, and team productivity plummets.

About organizational values

Organizations, big and small, are made of smaller teams with their own sets of values. But the values of the wider organization plays a crucial role in aligning these teams together to produce a harmonious whole.

In a value-driven organizational culture, transition and changes are natural since everyone knows what to do and why. When people can identify with the organization’s purpose and culture, their motivation contributes to higher commitment and productivity.

When organizations are not aligned, it can often result in a culture where teams feel like they compete adversarially. And it makes it harder to get anything meaningful done outside of your team or department.

[An anecdote about the team and personal values mismatch TK]