The Value.Online Process

How does it work?

Our interactive tool is as easy to use as it is unique, assisting individuals and organisations in highlighting the values that matter the most and learning how to apply that insight to their personal lives, professional lives, or organisations. Our database has the 128 most common values, each defined and presented with three synonyms, making it the most sophisticated system of its kind.

Step-by-step: A certified Value.Online facilitator arranges workshops that take clients through the different steps of the process – ranking, mapping, and acting – including interactive storytelling sessions to help connect core values to the personal or professional life of the client or the dynamic culture of the organisation.

The Three Steps to Value Congruence

The basic Value.Online process includes three steps: Rank, Map, and Act. This process is easy to apply and adapt to your needs, whether it involves major organisational changes or personal development.
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1. Rank

Prioritise 128 unique values, which takes less than half an hour.

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2. Map

Map the core values for increased insight and understanding.

3. Act

Act to increase the congruence on both a personal level and in the relationship between the person and the organisation.

Our online process: a video overview

Our system is as easy to use as it is sophisticated. With our cloud-based Value.Online tool, you rank your values according to how important they are to you. Thanks to the system’s interactivity, values are set against values . You highlight those that matter most to you right now. Our tool and process are based on research and theories on values of, among others: Milton Rokeach, Brian Hall, Abraham Maslow and Shalom H. Schwartz.

  • Takes only 30 minutes
  • Considers 128 unique values
  • Works effectively for everyone
  • Based on scientific research


Our database has the 128 personal values that are the most common worldwide. Each value is defined and presented with three synonyms. This allows Value.Online to cover almost 400 values, making it the most sophisticated system of its kind in the world.

The ranking generates several personal maps used for the next steps. These maps are based on research and theories of consciousness and adult development, e.g. Erik H. Erikson, Jean Piaget, Robert Kegan, Abraham Maslow, Lawrence Kohlberg, Frederic Laloux and Bill Torbert.

One Day to Value Congruence:
For team and organizations

How is it done?

We have a well-proven workshop process for working with teams and organizations. But every organization is unique. So we consider the needs and circumstances of each organization and can customize the process as needed.

What happens before the workshop?

  • We meet with the participants to present the process and answer questions. This takes about 30 minutes.
  • Participants rank their personal values using our Value.Online system. We do this about a week before your workshop.

How does the workshop day work?

  • In groups of three, we develop mapping and insight into personal values.
  • Individuals present on how they prefer to work in groups and what relationships and roles they’re comfortable with.
  • We rank the group’s shared priorities and behaviors based on the group’s assignments and goals. We then discuss and decide on 3–5 values that should be guiding the team’s actions.
  • We discuss and strategize how they should be implemented and followed up in everyday actions.

What’s the follow-up?

A few months after the workshop, we have 2–3 hours with the team and make a new ranking of the common values. This lets us coach and offers tips and suggestions to work more effectively and address any issues.


Teams often make a mistake from the beginning. They create rules for the group before knowing each other’s values or clearly articulating what these rules mean.

We reverse that process.

A prerequisite for the team to successfully agree on norms that everyone commits to and promotes for new employees and customers is to start with the group as individuals. Only when each individual has insight into and can convey their personal values and motivations to the group can the journey towards congruence begin.

The concept of value congruence means that the values of the employees and the organization are consistent in a group and organizational context. Value congruence is the prerequisite for creating a collaborative culture in the workplace or in the association and is the key to increased motivation, a better work environment and an efficient business.

Achieve real change
by working with values

Stories from our facilitators

”The best self-awareness tool there is”

“It creates a safer workplace”

“It is now effortless to go in and cooperate”