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Get the feel for personal values and our online ranking

Value.Online servers as a distinctive instrument, utilised by certified facilitators to guide individuals, teams and organisations towards aligning their values. This alignment not only fuels motivation, but also enhances the workplace environment and drives better outcomes.
Value.Try allows you to rank 25% of the values in the system and get a feel for the first step of the Value.Online process. It marks the start of a journey of self-discovery.

Try the tool – get a feel for the process

Read the instructions, or watch the tutorial below

  • Choose your preferred language and click ‘start.’
  • Fill in all fields in the form. Note: Only a valid email address will enable you to receive your ranking results.
  • Click on the blue square with the arrows.
  • Initially, you will be presented with four value words, each with its definition.
  • Rank the four value words by clicking or tapping on the corresponding number. Number 1 (one) represents your most important value, number 2 (two) represents the second most important, and so on.
  • Once you have ranked all the words on the screen (each value word has been given a ranking of 1, 2, 3 or 4), click the arrow to receive a new set of value words. Alternatively, click the ‘X’ to start the ranking process again, log out and continue later, or choose to continue with the existing results.
  • When you have finished ranking, click ‘view report.’ It may take 30-60 seconds before any results are shown on the screen. The report will also be emailed to you, along with full instructions.

Scan or click to rank on mobile:

When ranking, make sure to think only of yourself and what is truly important to you. Once you have finished ranking, you can attend a free workshop to continue the process or find a facilitator to discuss tailored solutions.

Completed the ranking?

By ranking your personal values, you have entered the world of values, and we hope that this exercise has provided you with some insights, and that you are curious to continue your journey of self-discovery.

To take your exploration to the next level, sign up for a free workshop and experience the power of storytelling for even deeper insights.

Alternatively, you can find a facilitator to discuss tailored solutions for you, your team, and/or organisation.

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Sign up for a workshop

In this highly interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to participate in a reflective exercise with other Value.Try users, exploring some of your top prioritized values at present. The workshop will be facilitated by one of our team members, and you will get a taste of the second step in our value discovery process – storytelling. There will also be time for you to ask any questions you may have about our tool and processes for working with values.

What's next?

Attend a webinar

Bring your Value.Free ranking result and experience the dynamics of working with others.
Time also for Q&A!

Interact with us and each other

The Point of Value community is where people come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and grow as professionals and individuals.

Participate in the community

We can help everyone get in touch with their values. So whether you’re an individual looking to better understand yourself, or you work with a team or an organization, it all starts with our Value Basic Process.

Want to become
a facilitator?

Team culture is the expected behaviors and priorities that the team stands for and promotes. Teams are key building blocks in achieving value harmony between the individual and the organization.

In a team where the individual feels comfortable and aligned, they have the opportunity to practice their values. This creates meaning and inner motivation. But when team values fall out of alignment, everything suffers. People hate their work, staff retention suffers, and team productivity plummets.

About organizational values

Organizations, big and small, are made of smaller teams with their own sets of values. But the values of the wider organization plays a crucial role in aligning these teams together to produce a harmonious whole.

In a value-driven organizational culture, transition and changes are natural since everyone knows what to do and why. When people can identify with the organization’s purpose and culture, their motivation contributes to higher commitment and productivity.

When organizations are not aligned, it can often result in a culture where teams feel like they compete adversarially. And it makes it harder to get anything meaningful done outside of your team or department.

[An anecdote about the team and personal values mismatch TK]